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Image by Kamil Feczko


Feel Empowered

Historically, talented musical artists have been taken advantage of by music labels and executives - we set out to change that. 'Certo is built to empower musical artists to succeed through support from their allies and fans. It is also designed for artists to connect with other collaborators and creators to enhance their music.



Showcase Your Talents

From audio engineers to music video directors, there is a whole team of creatives behind the success of an artist and their music. Our goal at ‘Certo is to help these talented creatives find opportunities for their skills to shine.  

Image by Ron Smith


Discover the Next Big Thing

Have you ever felt like you “discovered” the next big artist first? 'Certo is your opportunity to benefit from your keen ear for artistic talent. We are giving you the chance to find new artists and invest in them for a potential return. Join now to support your favorite hidden artist, follow their music journey and help them reach the big time. 

The 'Certo Ecosystem
Keeping Artists Independent

'Certo is the music ecosystem that achieves two things for independent artists:

1) provides access to creatives (e.g. audio engineers) to enhance an artist’s career and

2) unlocks capital from fans, so artists can pursue their projects and passions without relying on Big Record Labels.

At the same time, 'Certo generates opportunities for creatives to expand their clientele and allows dedicated fans to invest in artists that inspire them


Connect with other artists and creatives that you otherwise would not have the opportunity to meet 


Collaborate with your newfound teammates to enhance your product and take your music to the next level


Create a music product more fully developed than ever thanks to resources provided by 'Certo


Coming Soon!

Artists - You've got the talent, but talent alone doesn't always equal success. Join 'Certo Music to connect with talented creatives and take your career to the next level. In Phase 1 you'll receive targeted outreach from us introducing you to creatives based upon your needs that are looking to collaborate with you.

Creatives - You've got the skills and the passion, now it's time for those skills to shine. Join 'Certo Music to connect with talented artists, expand your clientele, and showcase your work. In Phase 1 your skills will be spotlighted to talented artists who are looking for your skills and want to collaborate.

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